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Red Yeast Rice "Safely" Reduces Cholesterol Levels and Inflammatory Markers:
A new study has found daily dosing of red yeast rice safely decreases markers of vascular remodeling and inflammation as well as reducing elevated cholesterol levels. Red yeast rice is a product of yeast grown on rice. In many Asian countries it is a dietary staple. Several compounds found in this nutraceutical, including monacolin K, have been found to stop cholesterol production.

After four weeks of supplementation with red yeast rice standardized to include 10 mg of monacolins plus 10 mg of coenzyme Q10, a reduction of 12.% in total cholesterol and 22% in LDL cholesterol was seen. Additionally, C-reactive protein levels (a well known marker of inflammation) was reduced on average by 24%. 

Further research is needed. ​

A new study shows patients with Type 2 Diabetes who are taking statin drugs and supplementing with Vitamin D improves their cardio respiratory fitness as well as muscle mitochondria.

28 individuals participated in this randomized controlled trial. Data from the participants upon completion of the trial showed that participants cardio respiratory fitness decreased by 8.4% after 12 weeks of simvastatin therapy. These individuals also experienced a 3.6% decrease in mitochondrial content. Participants who were taking the simvastatin therapy but were also supplementing with Vitamin D however showed a decrease in cardio respiratory fitness of only .6% and a 12.1% improvement in mitochondrial content. Participants who only took Vitamin D without the simvastatin therapy saw an increase in cardio respiratory fitness of 7.1% and a 16.7% increase in mitochondrial content.  

Researchers believe that the statin simvastatin inclined to cause a decline in exercise-mediated cardio respiratory fitness in adults with Type 2 Diabetes by interrupting the synthesis of CoEnzyme Q10. 

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